LX 1.5 to VTec 1.6 conversion

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I have a 1991 civic LX. It came with a 1.5 and I now have a d16y8 1.6 VTec installed. The only problems I have, are as follows:

I have a vacuum leak due to connecting my VTec with the stock LX transmission. I have no idea where to get the schematics for the vacuums hoses. I also have an rpm module with a 3.0 pill. Can't get that working either. Any tips on that would be cool. Supposedly it should kick in the VTec controller for me at 3000 RPMs.

If you guys have any tips, let me know.

I would not recommend using the "pill' tecnique only b/c i have done it and it messed with my cam. Get am EX ecu, and fin d the pin locations for the VTEC along with the Oil Pressure Solenoid. This is the easiest andsafest way to add the VTEC. Also, Chilton's book is great. I believe Amazon.com sells it for like $30 or so. Has everything that you will ever need! If you need anyhting else gimme a buzz.

The chiltons manual sucks, get a helms. As for using an rpm activated pill you will not get the proper fuel in vtec. Its a cheap fix and is not the best way to wire for vtec.
the only thing that sucks about buying helm's is that if you are doing a swap or a frankenstein, you really have to spend like $160 for the engine and the car. Kinda sucks.
not really, i have a helms that covers civic from 96-99, so my chassis and my b16a2, so i guess i'm lucky :D
Dood... worst case for me- gotta buy one for the car, the block, the head, and the tranny. 4 manuals really suck- I guess I'll buy one for the B16 on top of the one for my car which I have already...
Eesh..that's ghey..hey, back to the original topic, I think with my ZC gone I'm gonna try to do a mini-me on the block of my D15..is it alright to drive around without the VTEC for a while I save up to buy an EX/Si ECU? I probably can afford the head right now, but not the head AND ECU, and rewiring to the dpfi is just not an option.
You'll probably be ok without VTEC for a while. Just don't rev up too high, to be safe. Think of it this way- the new head probably flows better than the stock head, so you'll get a little more flow without VTEC, just like you had before.