Major Help In Tuning

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Junior Member
Ok Guys .......I desperatly need assistance.

my 93 Del Sol

5 speed

i just installed that motor, and have 2 problems

it idles at 3-4k and drops to like 1k and just keeps reving up and down. Could it be vacuum????? Ground???

there is no alternator in the car......

also . it is leaking coolant from the second hose from the left of the intake manifold ...I've tightend it..and it still leaks, where should the hoses from behind the intake manifold(behind throttle body ,close to firewall) maybe I have it backwards


New Member
it sounds like you have a lot of work to go before you should even be thinking of starting the car and seeing how it idles

sounds like a huge vacuum leak. your iac valve hooked up? any codes? picture of that hose could help.


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wait... did i also just read that you have no alternator in the car?

i think you should probably hook that bad boy up as well.


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I had the same exact idle problem with my REX HF, it would stay at 2k till it got warmed up , then dropped to 1k and kept revving up... this is what i did to fix it, everyone told me it was a vaccum leak but i check and it wasnt... so i took the censor out of the back of the throttle body and started it up and it ran fine, my censor was bad, my check engine light is on and it will be till i get a new sensor but it doesnt idle funny anymore, check that and get back with me if you need any help.. lata man