Major oil leak after head gasket replacement

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I need help trying to isolate where a pretty major oil leak is coming from after replacing the head gasket in a 99 Civic EX.

Here's how I got here:
Car apparently overheated (bad radiator)... son didn't notice, kept driving until check engine light came on and engine started dying. Blew the head gasket, but not sure what else..

I've replaced the head gasket - got the head resurfaced and a valve job. It tested good after that.

After getting it all back together, It started ok, seemed to run pretty smooth, but I immediately noticed a big leak coming out of the crank pulley area.

My first thought was that I'd somehow crimped the head gasket, or there was some block damage that was the source of the leak.

I've attached a couple pictures... I can't really tell the source.
I see oil pooled in the opening behind the cam pulley... could that seal be leaking? Or could the belt have simply carried the oil up to there?

I see some oil on the lip between the block and head on the left of the cam pulley... but did that just run down from the cam seal??

Or could it be from the crank seal (I didn't replace that while in there... probably should have).? And all the oil is just getting carried up to the top area by the timing belt?

I only ran it for maybe 30 seconds before seeing the leak and then tearing it back open...

Any thoughts advice on what my next step should be?

Hopefully these pics will post ok:

Thanks... that's where I'll start...

I also realized that I'd completely forgotten to install the cam seal. The head came back from the cylinder shop without the seal and I didn't think to install a new one... that would explain at least a major part.
I'm also guessing the heat cooked the crank seal, so I've replaced that also.

I assume the rear main seal is also cooked, but I'll see if these two seals on the front at least solve the oil gusher...
I was about to question the cam seal being an area for a "major" leak. But I could definitely see the lack of one being a bit of a problem, haha.