Mandatory air pressure?

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Thats retarded bro. Their are some stupid laws out there.
more big brother watchin over us.
fuckers , I say lets go kill Bush and any government official for that matter.
anarchy rulz
<--- sits back with some popcorn and watches as the FBI, CIA, ATF, and National Guard kick down CRX-YEM's door
same in alabama, we are trying to get the state government to rewrite the state constitution. Maybe that will get rid of laws like you can get a ticket if you walk down the street with an ice cream cone in your back pocket. (thats a real law here).
here's some stupid laws we got down here in Huntingto Beach, Ca:

It's illleagal to to shoot whales from a moving automobile

It's illeagal to detonate a nuclear device in the city limits
ok, i read it and i dont see anything about it being a law, but they are just proposing that by 2003 all new vehicles have devices that will monitor tire pressure and warn the driver via a warning light or something. i think its a good idea.
I've heard about this one... your wording implies that a cop would be able to pull you over and ticket you for improper tire inflation- that's too invasive and would never pass. The law requiring pressure monitoring systems is a good idea though. I support it.
did you know that in texas it is illegal to shoot a cow from a second story window... or some shit like that.
and in arizona the entire encyclepedia brittanica is banned because it teaches you how to make beer :)
the law is not to arrest people-- the la is like air bags... if passed, every new car will have to have this air pressure thingee in it