manual wireharness

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i drive a black misress
i have a 1992 civic 4 door with a d16y8 swap.the car is a manual from the factory and i have keep it that way.i need to know if u can use a automatic wireharness and computer in the manual car.i have heard u can get the p28 converted from auto to manual.but will the wireharness work?if i can get this answered pretty quickly that will help.i need to know b4 friday.and please dont reply he newbe look in the search tab cause i have already looked.
Why are you wanting to swap out the wire harness? What harness is on the car currently?
theres not one when i put the y8 in the car i pulled the b7 out and sold it with harness and computer.if been looking for a harness and ecu and my friend bought a eg civic yesterday with the d16z6 in it and hes swapping in a built tegra motor so im buy the z6harness and p28 ecu but its for a automatic and my car is a thats why im needing to know if it will work.ive heard its supposed to make the 5speed faster but thats not why im wantin to put it in there.ive had my car off the road since almost last year.and im just tryin to get it back on the road