Manufacturer and Dupli-color paint codes

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This may be useful to some trying to find that right color for a small project or full color change.

this has most of the manufacturers paint codes and gives the part number/code for the duplicolor touch up pens and the spray cans.

If your looking for the actual duplicolor paint and cant locate it locally using their part number you can call their customer service at 1800-247-3270 and they can give you the upc code that is marked on every can. then your parts supplier can type in the upc code and look up the paint that way.

I just spent about 3 hours trying to find the right paint and everything that i need, should save some hassle.
eh, guess i could have posted the link in there, didnt read it, just assumed it was only honda codes, but those didnt list the duplicolor codes, and its easier to have the code to something you can get in the stores locally.

you can put this thread into that one cant you?