Metal Head Gasket

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for a n/a b16SiR or b18 for that matter would it be worthwhile to put a metal or upgraded headgasket, it could raise compresion, but I am more concerned with preventing a blowout, and increasing engine life

this would be done before the motor was in the car, so it isnt *that* bad, but its still a good amount of work.
i say it depends on your goals for the car... but honestly i dont know if its worth your time and effort to go out of your way and do it... if you think pulling your head off and slapping on a new head gasket is hard or takes too much time then no its not

personally i can have a head off in about 25-30 minutes and put back on with the right torque specs and everything in about another hour and a half...

so really i say its up to you but those are just my 2 cents