Midnight joyriding

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A little background;

I'm a gym rat. I love the gym. If I could live there and survive I would. When I'm not in the gym, I'm usually following what most people would call a "crazy" diet eating lean protein sources, EFA's (essential fatty acids), complex carbs, and at certain opportune nutrition times simple carbs.

With that shit said, after a day of waking up to no eggs in the fridge and no steel cut quaker oatmeal in the cabinet, my day was thrown off. I usually have a 4-5egg and cheese omlette, protein shake, and some steel cut quaker oatmeal + skim milk for breakfast.

I wound up having 2 protein shakes until around 3 o'clock when I finally got a chance to eat at my work and had a salad with chicken, walnuts, cheese, blah blah blah all that good stuff.

I went on to have a natural peanut butter (no additives) and 100% whole wheat bread sandwich, a grilled chicken breast, mixed greens + olive oil, another 2 chicken breasts, baby carrots and some milk and water.

Until now...

I just got a crazy craving for some frozen pizza, specifically Digornos or Red barron deep dish cheese pizza. I hopped in the car in my wife beater and a pair of board shorts, headed off to first local shop open past 12 and walked in. I received strange stares from people there and I caught some chick from highschool and her cute friend checking me out. But onto the good stuff, I go back to the frozen food section and cannot find my pizza for the life of me. There's supreme, there's thin crust, there's everything but what I'm fucking craving.

Storm out past the cop who gives me the "young guy in a wife beater in the middle of the night by himself" look and head off to the 7/11.

Can't find my fucking pizza there either. Come outside, find another hot chick in a wrangler with its top off checking me out. Unfortunately she was with a guy but that didn't stop the staring from either end.

Now i haven't had sex in about 20hours and I'm craving it.

I wound up at a 3rd store that was in the complete opposite direction, getting a Celeste personal thin crust pizza or some shit that I'm not really enjoying.

Life just seems so god damn frivalous.

...oh and I don't know why I wrote half the shit I do, but between eating some pizza, playing some poker, and watching some tv, i took about a half hour out of my jived up night to post this ramble. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


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Originally posted by CiViC_SOHC@Jun 29 2005, 12:44 AM
chicks and POKER and pizza woot nice post haha! o ya and a beater car haha!
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Nono not beater car. Wife beater shirt. Guinee tee. Sleeveless undershirt.

but yeah, i went wild since its the first night i've been alone in 5 weeks.


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Originally posted by Airjockie@Jun 29 2005, 01:02 AM
maybe you had your fly open....thats why everyone was staring at you... :ph34r:

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I almost humped the girl in the wrangler :ph34r:

And they were board shorts, no fly...

...but my junk does poke out if I wear nylon/mesh shorts ;)


I'm just about that action Boss.
Sounds my lifestyle, but without all the getting scammed on by the good looking females.

Fucking A I need a tan.