Mini Me

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Junior Member
i am currently thinking about doing a mini me conversion (as its called)
i drive a 89 civic cx (1.5L throttle body injection), im planning on putting a head from a 96-98 civic si engine on my stock block. the head is ported and polished, gasket matched the on exhaust side, 3 angle valve job, new valve seals, a couple of new valves, milled .32thousanths.
i know it will increase compression,
close to 12.1 or more. comes with intake manifold, throttle body.

what i need to know is what exactly do i need to run the rest of this setup?

and does anyone know of anyone who has done this exact swap or something close to it, if so how were the gains?

im from winnipeg so there isnt much experience with new swaps here...

please help me i need answers!!!