Misc B Series Parts

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itr intake manifold (bare)
98 jdm itr fuel rail w/injectors
98 jdm itr tb
97 gsr pistons w/rods
2 gsr crankshafts
1 b16 2000 si crankshaft
b16 2000 si pistons w/rods
obd1 gsr intake manifold
obd0 b16 intake manifold
sohc vtec 00 ex intake manifold
sohc vtec 95 ex/si intake manifold
front mudflaps off 94 civic
front mudflaps off 00 civic si
parting out delsol interior.
black on black delsol seats driverside has hole on bolster. pass. side has cig burn but not noticeable due to color.
obd0 b16 stock cams
itr stock cam gears
94-00 integ. stock strut bar will fit 92-00 civics
no name strut bar will fit 94-00 integ and 92-00 civics
2 93 gsr rims w/tires but need to be replaced
b series shiftlinkage
b series mounts
obd1 gsr dist.
obd2 gsr dist.


Senior Member
where are you located?

and please email me prices for the seats and intake manifold.


Senior Member
i need the passenger side roof latch!!

my damn drunk friend ripped it off :angry:


Senior Member
is the head in good shape I need the complete head with the vtec solinoid
I am doing a head swap and cant find a good head?
even if ti has a fucked vlve let me know I will be rebuilding a porting so dont car reall what wrong woth it