Missing link map bypass

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Hi those anyone as the missing link bypass valve?
I want some really good pics.
I want to know how the it works, with a spring and ball i heard.
I want to know which side is the ball and which side is the spring.

Can anyone help me?

ummm i think you are thinking of something else.

the missing link is a device that fools the MAP sensor on the ECU into thinking it is always 0 or 1 psi. anymore than that, and the ecu will throw codes. So, the missing link takes the real reading from the map sensor, and translates it into a little above 0 psi.
i know that that is the function. But i want to make one my self. That's why i want to know how it works(the internal)
it is electronic, how good are you with circuits, resistors, and capicitors?
i don't think it's electronis, otherwise it's the same as hks feul cut defencer.

It works whit ball and spring

it sounds like a useless device to me
thats a chart for everone who fucked with shit thay shoudn`t have