Mitsubishi Turbo ?

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does any one know where i can find the stats on a Mitsubishi teo4h turbo
I want a fast spooling turbo with very qiuck reaction I can not wiat untill 2000rpm for the power this turbo looks decent and good sized buy i need to be sure before it go on the car
this is a straight bite from a dsm site, everything about mitsu turbos you need.
The following is a list of specs on the Mitsubishi Turbos. Some are old parts no longer available.
TDO4-9B-6CM2 265 CFM TDO5H-14G-8CM2 465 CFM
TDO5-12A-8CM2 320 CFM TDO5H-16G-7CM2 505 CFM
TDO4-13G-5CM2 360 CFM TDO5H-16G-10CM2 505 CFM
TEO4-13C-6CM2 360 CFM TDO6-17C-8CM2 550 CFM
TDO4L-13G-6CM2 360 CFM TDO6H-20G-14CM2 650 CFM
TDO4L-15C-8.5CM2 390 CFM TDO7S-25G-17CM2 850 CFM
TDO5H-14B-6CM2 405 CFM TFO8L-30V-18CM2 1200 CFM

The above specs are measured at 15psi compressor air flow. I didn't get into turbine flow or actuator settings because of the detail and length of explanation. There's more, but I don't have all the specs. I'll tell you what I know. I'm not including any more of the small TCO,TDO, or TEO4 units because they don't apply to our cars. Nor do they have any relevance to the point being made here.

TDO6-11A-8CM2 TDO6H-18G-12CM2 TDO8-22B-28CM2
TDO6-17A-12CM2 TDO6H-19C-12CM2 TDO8-22D-8CM2
TCO6-17B-12CM2 TDO7-22A-17CM2 TDO8-22D-28CM2
TDO6-17C-8CM2 TDO7S-23A-13CM2 TD13L-47B-47CM2
TDO6-17C-10CM2 TDO7S-25A-13CM2

OK! That's enough, I couldn't find the combination which integrated the elusive -23G- compressor wheel. I called Mitsubishi to inquire about this so called -23G- wheel, they had no record of ever producing anything called ~-23G-. I was advised of the possibility someone may have cut down a -25G- wheel and called it a -23G-. All of the above are about 50% of the combinations available over the last 5 years. Many have been discontinued, most others are for trucks. I put them in here to let you all know what is or what was available. Hope This Helps...

What is the maximum output from the various turbos?

Max output from various turbos
TD05-14B (stock 1st gen) 275-300hp @ 21 psi
TD05-16G (small) 345-365hp @ 22 psi
TD06-16G (large) 365-385hp @ 22 psi
TD06-20G 430-450hp @ 22 psi
T25 (stock 2nd gen) 235-250hp @ ?? psi
T3 (super 60)/T2.5 hybrid 265-280hp @ ?? psi
T3 (super 60)/T2.8 hybrid 270-320hp @ ?? psi

What is the meaning of 14B, 16G, 20G?

The turbo that is OEM on the 5-speed is a Mitsubisho TD05H with a 14B turbine wheel (on the compressor side) and another (I don't know the name/number) and a 060 housing. What the "16G" turbo has is several things. The 16G refers to the compressor wheel. What happens is there are several TD05 housings (compressor) which can accomodate different wheel sizes. There are also two (!) 16G wheels, a large and small. The large 16G was shipped until around Jan 95 and the small 16G have been around for some time. Most likely the 16G you will find will be the small 16G (although the 7cm housing is still readily available).
The other difference is that the turbo has a larger exhaust side housing, hence the 070 or 7 centimeter housing. The wheel in the exhaust side is the same but it is clipped.
Another option is the 20G wheel, but a true 20G wheel will ONLY fit into a TD06 housing, no matter what anyone says as the wheel is physically too large to fit into a TD05 housing (I know because I have a TD06 compressor in my car and the wheel is REALLY big). The hybrid 20G most DSMs run is a 7cm 16G turbo with a 20G compressor wheel and housing.
But in Mitsubishi terms, the larger the number in the 13G, 16G, etc line the larger the compressor wheel and hence more air can be moved. So which turbo has the 16G wheel? The standard upgrade/heavy industry/Stage I, etc are all the same and is the next step up to the stock turbo, and offers a really nice unit for the price as other options can become costly.
a 14b is bigger than a t25 and a tdo4. no matter what you will not spool up until 2000 2500 rpms even with a small ass turbo. i run a ihi rhb5 on my a6 and i get full boost around 2600 rpms. and the ihi is concidered to be on the small side, even for a d series application.
damn these post are all old lol. anyway i just picked up a Mitsubishi TDO5H (14B)
need to know what manifold i should use on a d series 88-91. i have the zc dohc.
the guy i got it from gave me a manifold but it doesnt seem match bolts with turbo.
not sure if i need to do something to it. or jsut get another turbo manifold.