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ok one is a 1989 CRX Hf The other is a 1990 Si HB. I believe both run and both are for sale, the Si is going for like $800 w/o title and the rex is going for $3500? I believe it has Nos, matrix coil overs, intake and some other crap. But you can take it off, the Si is the best looking 4th gen civic I have ever seen, the Hf is the up there too. But call my buddy if your looken to pick up either one his name is Clint @ 651.226.4326
For those of you who have called on the civic, he did not know you were calling about the 90 civic he just sold a 91 and still has the 90 for sale I told him to call people back if he does not call you back he lost your number and if you would please call me again. He is willing to work with you and mostlikely mix and match things on these two cars and has a few other parts laying around, ALSO the CRX does have the rear hatch cover and so does the Si. Thanks again!
If the title is lost I could still purchase the car but I need the state you live in and the vin so I could see if I could do a bonded title.