Mobil 1 Oil Filters

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i have been using k&n filters but i was told that they only work good on dino oil and i should use a Mobil 1 filter if im using synthetic oil also while on this topic how long does every one run there synthetic oil
we had a big long thread about this about a week ago. it is probally about a page back. I have always belived that you should run a filter designed for synthedic oil
IMO K&N filters aren't worth what you pay for them. I have never used a Mobil1 filter, but if they are as expensive as the K&N they better do a much better job than the K&N do. I don't know if the Wicks high end filter is good for synthetic, but I have heard nothing but good things about them. I didn't run mine long enough before tearing my engine down to form a good opinion.
while on this topic i used to run red line oil but i felt it was waste of money since this is also my daily drive any one have any oppnions on redline oil
There is a whole lot more to oil than what was covered in that discussion. If you really want serious detail about oil (or any engine fluid for that matter) search for posts by Bror Jace (I think that is how he spells his handle) on honda-tech. They guy knows tons about everything fluid in cars.
i was told that the best oil filter to use with synthetic or n ot is the oem honda filter and has worked well the whole time i've had my civic :)