Money making idea...

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So i have noticed that untouched cars seem to go for a lot more than customized cars for the most part....

so what do you think the market would be for buying worked cars, returning them to stock, selling the car as stock and ebaying the parts...

good idea? bad idea?
yeah ....but if you have a good demografic base then you could make cash....but i dont think youll net a million in 10 years

Bob Vila

Cars are not an investment unless you sell them professionaly or have a wholesaler license.
I've made decent profits.

Get the car dirt cheap and just make it look nice and resell it.

Like my old white hatch. I paid 700 for it, drove it 3 times, gave it to a friend who beat the living hell out of it, then sold it for 1625.
You could turn around both ebay the parts and the cars seperately. But instead of regarding modded cars as a liability, if you mod them correctly you can make more money on their initial sale. For instance:

Offroad trucks. When you add stuff to them, they actually go up in value. Tires, suspension lifts (Add-a-leafs) and nerf bars are cheap and go a long way to improve the image and usability of the truck.

For imports if you use quality parts with a real design in mind, that will make a difference. Especially when someone comes to drive it. Things like Mugen parts on a Honda never make a bad impression, Cusco suspension, exhaust pieces, etc. If they are riced out (A lot of bullshit catalog parts that make no damned difference) is when the values drop. AEM intakes, OBX exhausts, bouncy and poorly-thought-out lowering springs and pep-boys rims are what kills the resales. If you can prove the worth of your car, it WILL sell at it's value.

Once you strip the parts off, you've got nothing in resale - And it's tougher to replace those parts with stock / high quality. You'll make nothing on cars.

You could get ahold of old bikes (I get them all the time) and simple repaint them and make them look nice and turn a profit. Things like Yamaha Triples, Honda Shadows and the like will show you a return for simple work.

Lastly, look on Ebay and see whats' hot now. Shit, 1st gen Ford Broncos are worth their weight in gold. You can what to avoid (older S-10 trucks are worthless) and what to get (Suzuki Samurais are priceless in the midwest). Then you can observe trends and predict them, ready to make a sale on like, 2 free Toyota pickups and an Amigo. (Might make you $6000 in the end)

It takes work, it IS possible. I do this (But this year has SUCKED because I haven't found any free cars). I have 4 free cars right now that need to be listed. Even if I make $1000 on all 4 I've made a good profit. Not enough to quit my job, but it is enough to make a dent.

just search around. I guarentee there are people who don't want this or that car in their yard anymore. Just make it run, make it look halfway decent and someone is bound to buy it.
case in point, the '91 Civic LX that my g/f bought not too long ago.

She bought it for $100. Replace one fender, one door, the chewed seatbelts (PO's dog), and the broken trunk latch and she could resell it for close to 2 grand after a good buffing.

Here's a business for ya. Buy cheap Hondas and resell them in Oregon/Washington. Not only will you turn a HUGE buck, but you'll saturate the market and make it cheaper for me to buy another one. :)