Monster Garage FAILED!!

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i dunno if any of you all watch Moster Garage on Discovery Channel, but the crew this week failed. the goal was to build a crusher out of a Hurst. i thought that they were gonna make it and you could tell Jesse was pissed that the project didn't get completed in the 7 days given. the car ended up going to the junkyard and getting shredded to pieces. it was sad because i wanted to see it work. :(
An old Clubsi Moderator was on that episode...dan...aka god from godspeed

just some useless info :)
HOLY SHIT. i was wondering if that might ever hapen. hey, i rolled down to the international Auto show in anaheim a few weeks ago and saw three of those moster cars (porsche golf shooter, montecarlo zamboni, and something that was converted to a trash truck). i will post those pics along with some others from that guys will love the new NSX pix :)

BTW, someone i know is a bit of a clepto! and i had to stop that person from stealing the oil cap off the mazdaspeed protege engine! lol
hey hey hey had to get my $9 worth damnit =] shoulda got that fuckin gti shift knob too..oh well. dude read my post in misc tech..
lol they're the stupid ones for leaving it on! nobody needs to see spark plug wires! and about the hood pin..oh boo hoo..wasn't it ford racing? lol
no, it was a monte carlo lol. im gonna see if i can find out exactly which car it is. it had DUPONT logos all over it.

BTW, i hope chevy has to make a new plug wirefrom scratch! LOL
i hope that hood kept flapping up in their next race too LOL
oh shit dude- i just checked it out. you own jeff gordons hood pin!! the car in my pic from the show is the #24 Dupont!! LMFAO!! :lol:

here's the pic hehe

the evil hand at work... LMAO
ok, here are my pics of the monster garage cars at the cali int'l autoshow 10-20-02

montecarlo zamboni (ice shaver)

trash truck conversion

porsche golfball shooter

batmobile (hehe just thought i'd throw it in)
Yeah that Porsche is bad bro! I wouldn't wanna get hit by one of those golf balls it shoots. Would probably crack a rib or so...
They didint all fail, just the one last night did.

Please turn your cap locks off.