More Of My 3rd Gen. Fit Questions...

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Hiya guys

I may be getting an almost new D17A1 engine, tranny, and computer for free one of these days (friend is swapping it out), and was wondering how difficult it would be to fit it into a 3rd Gen Civic. I know there are plenty of B-series mount kits for the 3rd gen, but I'm not sure on the D series, especially such a new one. Another concern is OBD. But I figure since the car itself is pre-OBD, there's no adaptation required; all the OBD 2 wiring is being newly laid out. Is there anything I'm missing that would make this overly difficult?
The reason you see the same motors mentioned over and over ,is practicality.Yes with a unlimited budget you can put X motor into X car.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 20 2003, 07:31 AM
into a 3rd gen? like pre-1987 3rd gen????? :ph34r:

Yep, a 1986 DX hatchback to be exact. :)

The D17 would be pulling 700lbs less than stock in the 86, I would think that would help quite a bit... :)
I was considering a B18C5 or B20/Turbo before I found I could get the D for free, now I'll just get that 92 CX Hatch I've had my eye on and swap an H22 into it. The 86 can be a quick(er) grocery getter. :)

Yes I want to use the 86 mainly for the weight reduction, but I like the styling, too. The new Volkswagen GTI's look very much like the 3rd gen Civic hatchbacks. :)


See? :)