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alright sooo I ordered my B16 SIR II last night and am wondering some shiznit. Steve told me to get aftermarket parts for the 94-95 Del Sol DOHC that right? He also said that I need the timing belt and water pump off of a 94-95 Del Sol DOHC that right? lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated :worthy: And where do you suggest I should go to find the water pump and timing belt?

Thank you very much for your time :)
yea the b16sirII is basicly the same engine as the sol's dohc vtec but the japaneses version. Do the water pump and timing belt before you put the engine in because it is a pain to do it while it is in the car. Not sure about ur second question because i had someone else do it (freinds shop=cheap) but i am sure that you could go the that one site that sells oem parts for list price. I am not sure if you could use a diffrent brand but i dont know. Ask others about where to get them and if brand makes a diffrance
and there are some exceptions to the "how should i shop for aftermarket parts", For exhaust, buy exhaust for your car. About everything else buy parts for the del Sol vtec. (some gsr parts will fit to but not all)