More Swap Pics


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Heres some pics from this weekend.

This weekend we tackled wiring the dizzy and injectors and installed the 1 piece head lights.

Oh BTW obd0-obd1 conversion, b16 into 90 teg

Here you see Massey and I with the harness...don't we look like we know what we're doing?

Here's the Injectors all wired up...still kinda messy but we'll fix that fo sho!

Here's the 'jdm' one piece headlighs installed before we put the bumper back on.
Had to custom wire that shit.

Here they are all wired up and bumper on...don't it look pretty?

Here's my little wrenchin' boy.

Much Thanks to Maasey for Helping us out!


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thought i recognized massy's ugly mug :lol:
lookin good, those wires look like hell! :)


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get some extra bulbs for the lights and keep them on hand
you cant buy the bulbs for them (H4H) anywhere but online
a friend of mine had the 1 piece lights on his 2nd gen
a bulb blew and he was fucked for a week