Most Gorgeous Crx Ever!

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Quite a few of you have prolly seen this before but fuck it, I saw this today and fell in love. Check it out:


Aint she a beauty. I might just have to bight the mans style for my 2g.


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hahahahahaha, i'm with them ^^^. that thing is fuckin' ghey!


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Yall got it twisted. Fuck a shiny, piss yourself when you scratch it, run of the mill gay, "I hope my paint job gets me some booty" crx, that thing is hot. I'm tired of the same old shit. Maybe Im too into mad max but when I saw that shit I knew my flat black paint scheme dream just wasnt enough. And keep the recycled fucktard/gheyness comments to yourself, that rex is bleeding originality, the least you could do is insult it with a bit of flavor.

PS: its a rally car... eat a dick.


1st gen crx's are butt. i don't care whats doen to it or how fast it is.
Originally posted by heterosapian@Mar 28 2003, 09:08 PM
...Maybe Im too into mad max but when I saw that shit I knew my flat black paint scheme dream just wasnt enough... that rex is bleeding originality...

that rex is so not madd maxx :lol: madd maxx is all about blown javelins and mach 1's :D i know of a rex that would fit the madd maxx desription...if i can find it, i'll post it.

here it is...and its not photoshopped. its a tractor-pull crx.


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some people have serious problems, WTF is up with that thing? imagine pulling up to the drive through window at McDonalds in that thing!
mad max owns joo!! (notice its not primer. except for the scoop)

looks like a javelin, but it turns out it is a modified 74 ford falcon XB.


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my buddy had a 1g rex, and when he bought it he insisted that it was the exact same thing as mine, but better because it had fiberglass fenders. :p