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ok guys some how i got my gf to get me new mounts for my car for an early bday present (which i desperately need since mine are rusting) now i found some brand new hasport ones on ebay for 369 and my first question is will these mounts work in mounting a GSR engine? i thik it will work cause im using the cable YS1 tranny. he doesnt say they will work but he doesnt say that they wont either. i dont think hasport has more than one mount set for b series engines into the CRX and the one i looked at on said that it can be used to mount all B series into the CRX.

now my second questions is should i buy something else with this 370 bucks like a hiflo cat or anything? im leaning towards the mounts cause hasport is the best and i need new ones anyway but im open to any and all suggestions, basically, what would u do with the money in my situation?. and if i do decide to get the mounts, how do i replace them with the old ones (already have engine mounted in the car with old mounts) someone help. thanks.