Motor Oil During Breaking In Process

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Which do you recommend? I know that it has to be natural and not synthetic. Any particular brand that anyone cares for. Should i use the OEM Honda Motor Oil even though i do have aftermarket pistons and a sleeve job?
Just run Dino oil and change it after the first 50 miles or so. If you are breaking in a fresh newly built engine the extra metal will be coming off and getting all over the engine within the first 20-50 miles. If you dont change the oil that fast, you run the risk of getting the trace aluminum adhering to your engine parts and screwing up your build... Dino oil Only for the first 2k miles on the engine, after that the engine parts will be broken in so you can run the slick stuff then.
The mileage that you need to run natural oil for is determined by the parts you used in the build. Mine was broken in by 1000 miles. I am going to synthetic this weekend.
best practice .....
fill it with regular oil
start it
run it for about 20 min or so (get it to full temp)
replace the oil (regular)
start it
drive it for about 500 miles
replace the oil (regular)
drive it for the rest of the break-in
replace it with whatever the hell you want (regular or synthetic)

ive seen engines get FUCKED UP by not swapping out the first oil.... (happened at the shop to a $8000 porsche 4 cam engine for a '59 356 ... that was not a happy day for that mechanic)
:werd: :withstupid: The other thing to remember is while in the breakin period DON'T BEAT ON IT because if you do everything else won't matter
i've heard after the frist oil change that you are supposed to rag on the car for like a couple miles to get everything seated and stuff
No, like chevy302dz said,. don't beat on it. In that first 20 miles I did a couple of 1/2-3/4 throttle pulls to 4500 RPM in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That was as hard as I rode it. You don't want to be running the engine out to red line.