Motor runs !


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started the motor tonight , thanks to a buddy of mine Thanks Cory! i do have an eratic idle though.. i believe its the tps sensor . Will replace and update.


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could also be a vacum leak. have you taken off your throttle body or anything? i had a bad throttle body gasket and it did that. good way to check for a vacum leak is to take the intake off of the throttle body and with the engine running put a plastic 20 oz pop bottle or something else at the opening of the throttle body to plug it up. if your car dies there is no leak, if the end of the throttle body is plugged and it is still running you have a vacum leak somewhere.


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no problem homie- is my pipe sounding good and not leaking? dude it the idle is surging i suggest hook up those vacuum lines from the charcoal canister- i laid them where they are supposed to go- then check for other vacuum leaks- of course, don't do that until you check the TPS, most likely replace it and make sure you set the voltage on the new one!