Msd On 90 Civic Hb

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I need some info on what exactly i need to install MSD ignition controller and how to install it in a 90 Civic hb with a JDM B16A first Gen
i went out to buy some stuff the they sold me a 90-91 civic/crx/integra MSD distributor Pro Cap and MSD spark plug wires
a blaster coil #3 now they say i need the MSD 6AL controller is this CORRECT or is the coil the wrong one.Any LINK on how to or any help would be appreciated ....... THANK YOU.


dammit i cant send it back its all open now fuck im screwed now.They told me i can make this work can u explain why i cant make it work, the distributor cap is the right one cuz if i want to cahnge the cap i need a 90 integra and this MSD cap is for 90-91 civic/crx/integra if not wich is the right one PISSEDOFFSOL.Here is there site MSD were it says how to install in to a honda but i see no coil. ((((((((((( install in honda )))))))))
i really need to know if it is slightly remotly possible to make this setup work i saw a pic of a 90 civic with this setup cap coil controller wires i will look for the pic again and post ..........THANKS here is the pic of the civic with the setup only thing i see diffrent is the coil do u think i need a diffrent one i have the


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It's not that you can't make it work it is that there really is no benifit from it. The 6al box is the actual control box, the coil is just that a regular ign coil.


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First gen B16a distributors use the same cap and rotor as a D16a6, the stock engine in the Civic/CRX si from 88-91.

I have a CRX MSD cap on my engine, and a blaster coil... THat's all I've needed so far up to 275 horse power.