MTF fluid chage

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So much with a little D
How many qt. do I need to fill the tranny thru the speed sensor? I want to avoid the remove of the filler bolt... More easy thru the speed sensor...


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it should be 3-4 qts for a refill.
if your engine is anything like mine, the speed sensor would be the most difficult route to filling the transmission.. lol


So much with a little D
the Tranny is totally empty cause it was a swap from auto to manual so for know I will drop 3 qt an later on I will check the filler bolt... Thanks


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i just refilled my trans and it took 2.5 qts, i dunno who the hell can fit 8 qts in theirs


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Just 2.5 quarts will do but its best to use the filler hole since that will give you the most accurate amount of fluid needed once it starts over flowing. You don't want to overfill!!!


So much with a little D
The tranny its not a brand new or out of the box, it's came out of a Civic 98 ex (S40 tranny), it was open to change the bearings, seals and a good cleaning. I drop Yesterday 3 qts thru the Speed Sensor and after I drop all 3 it's look full already... Eventually and before I start the car I will need to open the filler bolt just to make sure that I do not overfill the bitch....
And My friend even if it is the first time or not 8 qts are to much, keep in mine this is a 4cyl. but thanks any way for reply to this thread...
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from what ive heard, it doesnt matter if you overfill a manual transmission.
in fact, ive heard that you should keep pouring until it starts overflowing.


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Yeah; it starts overflowing out of the fill hole....which is set at that height for a reason. That's how your supposed to fill if you fill it correctly then it's impossible to overfill it. From my experience, buying 3 quarts is enough for any Honda transmission; as the requirements are usually from 2-2.5 quarts.


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initial fill is closer to 8 qts.
is it a brand new transmission?