My 5lug Eg Itr Swap

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Hi to everyone,My name is Jeremy.Ilive in NC and I have a bodyshop that does alot of import stuff.But hers is my car just thought i would intro myself.
holy fuckin pic!!!!

its cool that you gave us an actual size pic and all, but could ya resize it???

nice car BTW :)
very nice car.

and very fast...hopefully you can post your dyno results to see what kind of power you are putting down now...and what kind of power you'll be making with hondata and tuning.

i'm guessing 13.3's on street tires as it sits...high 12's on drag radials.

let us know what happens with your car.
wish my car was that pretty, damn, guardrails can mess up your paint :p
Jacksonville ,I got some vision Jdm amber corner lamps.Since the pic I have installed SI front lip spoiler.My freind gets back from Japan tomorrow he has me a set of folding mirrors JDM and some other goodies,.......HEHEHEH.I cant wait to keep hookin this car up.It has a couple of things I dont like but I got such a good deal it could have been pink w mustang taillights and I still would have bought it.
Thanks for all the complements guys.Its goog not being around a bunch of haters like some other sites that I wont mention.

Hers is the set up

full ported head
Jun stage3 cams
Portflow valvetrain
Type R inatake port matched to the head
Ported and flowed Throtle body
Rc270 iinjectors
AEM cold air intake
Dc JDM style 4-1 wraped header
Tpye r tranny W/stock type r clutch
mandrel bent 21/4 exhuast w angle tip muffler tenzo r muffler <_<
Aem cam gears
B&m fuel pressure risor
auto meter fuel gage
Skunk P28 computer no rev limtter :huh:
ther might be some more but thats all i can think of at this time.
All that and the car I got for 8k