My new car


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Hey guys just thought i'd get some input on my new beater. My grandpa gave me

his old 81 datsun 720. It has a nissan z22 motor with a 4 speed tranny. I'd like to

find out some info on this motor, i havent been able to find any specs on it. (I suck

at the interweb. ) The truck is a big pile but the price was right. I fabbed and

welded in new floor pans in about 30 mins. so you can probably imagine how that

looks. It has a wooden bed that my grandpa made himself and a moon roof that

one of the owners put in. I put a set of american racing rims that have been in my

shed forever on it but they would only fit on the rear so it has the stock ones on

front. I also bought these little strobe light things at walmart on clearance for 8

bux just to mess around. I hate the truck, my friends think its hilarious. i'm only

driving it for a week or so till i get something else. if anyone can think of any

cheap mods i can do to it let me know. I'll get pics tonight.


oooo a 720!! badass lil old school minitruck :)

check around on : as they can help you out alot. check out their gallery section and look at some of the 720's on there. i hope this helps. any questions about trucks, IM me on AIM: BodyDroppedNikes


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I love the 510's.........pimp.........

good find.

oh- this thread is worthless without pics...... LOL


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here are some pics of my truck. i took them with my phone so they kinda suck.

that is the wooden bed my grandpa built himself

those are the front rims the american racing ones wouldn't fit. oh they used to be gold

those are some 14" AR rims that were laying in the shed. they are on the back

speedo 85 MPH!!!!! oh yeah

tiny little tach.

well there she is not much but it gets me around and it will spin em like none other.



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yeah it drifts pretty good cept the lack of power steering makes it kinda hard to pull out of a hardcore slide