my plates are gone


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i used to have the plates 'slohnda' like 2 years ago.. now that i have a honda again, i went to reorder those plates and someone has them. bastards :angry:

now i actually have to think of something clever to get.. :blink:


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did you try sl0honda instead of "o" use a zero. try swappin it in different spots like in slo or honda.


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I wanted OMEGA on my plates, but it was taken. So was PROWLER. I need to think of something good. I have PROWLIN on my license plate on Project Gotham Racing.
0Mega or PR0WLER maybe.


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i saw the 4nracer sticker on an 11 second turbo ls/vtec rex last weekend... i thought it was actually cool... but then again maybe the sun was gettin to me?? lol i dunno...


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any variation was taken as far as.. sl0hnda, slo/0-hnda, slo/0 hnda, etc....

SLWHNDA was available, though.. so i took that. should be here in a few weeks. yay


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This is why you need to live in MI. You could get a Michigan State plate with a huge "S" already on it and then put lohnda. If I decide to get a 240sx, I'll think about getting (S)"ilvia" for my license plate.
when i get my b16...i want it to say: [heart symbol]2B16
you can put heart symbols here in cali :) ...and please dont anyone from cali friggin go there tomorrow and get that! please?


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hey riceboy, IMO u should edit that because people might like that and they may go to the dmv and get that as their plates.