my rex is dead :(

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we think its the alternator but the rex will drive perfect for a few weeks then all the sudden everything dies on it, the battery goes dead, and everything quits working. it will sit for a few days then everything works on it again and it has ran fine for a few months. then the other day it did it again, but this time all the electrical system is messed up, like when you turn the blinker on the radio will flash with the blinker. sounds like a crossed wire, but my dad checked all the wires and they seem fine.
it has a new battery, any ideas?
Damn, 2 cars in within a week? I guess when it rains, it pours :( My car used to die every other day, it would start up and just give up and die..I put in 93 octane and it has started perfect every time...No engine knocking?
i only put premium fuel in both my cars afipunk :)

ill check the grounds, my dad said he looked them over, but ill check again...thnx guys