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i hav a 92 cx hatch i put in my b16 sir2 over the last two weeks. i have a dc 4-1 header and a magnflow cat back. my problem is the cat was on the manifold so now its gone. i have a test pipe but i cant get a o-ring to fit around the header and into the test pipe. so i have a huge leak. my question is am i losing a ton of power due to this or is this as quick as my car will be after i fix the leak. im goin in next week to get a cat with some custom flanges to make it all work. am i going to get noticeable gains afterwards?


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Theres a good chance you might. You need back pressure for a good scavenging effect so........

I wouldint expect to much though, you might feel a difference


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You will definitely see a gain in low end torque when you patch that leak up. However, you may feel a very minute loss in top end power. When I was slammed last summer, I bottomed out and ended up losing a bolt out of the flange where the final portion of exhaust bolted to the B-pipe. It sounded like butthole until I fixed it and it felt way more sluggish down low, but I pulled ever so slightly harder past 7k. Weird. :shrug2: When I bolted it back up again, it felt right again down low, but I lost that last little bit of juice up top. Not worth and exhaust leak and farty tone IMO.