My ticket

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WRX Sellout
Well, I went to my pre-trial conference for the Careless Driving ticket I got for my accident. It WAS a 4-point ticket, I got it plea-bargained down to a 2-point ticket for not signaling or some shit like that. I was hoping for a deferred ticket or a non-moving violation, but no dice. I couldn't believe they couldn't do anything better for me even though I had a clean record. Ehhh, I guess my first ticket since I've started driving 9 years ago isn't too bad.
[sarcasm]I can't wait to see my new insurance bill.[/sarcasm]
You got hosed. You should have had no problem getting the points dropped, the DA's lackies just felt like being dicks today. I love Boulder County. :rolleyes:
It was City of Longmont. They said they don't do deferrals. I can't argue with a 250-lb Mexican guy looking like he hasn't had lunch yet (my appointment was at 11:30).