N2o In B18a

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Depends on the condition of the motor.If it has a lot of miles,I'd stick with a small shot,35-50.If it is a good shape with fewer miles you could bump it up to 50-75,but I'd still try to go more towards the 50 side.
wha mods do you have? stock? beefed up lightly? bolt ons?? give us a lil more room to work with here, give us some details...

if you just saying in general, then 50 should be fine... basic bolt ons 75-80 [used in moderation]

beefed up internally, who knows how much it could handle...

ask kurt gordon [used a GSR though], he knows alot about nitrous cars.... same with my buddy eddie who is also known at bakersfield as naturally nospirated... ran a 2.0L LS Motor on a two stage system squeezing out about a 230 shot!!!