Natasha Richardson

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I'm just about that action Boss.
I don't wear a helmet when I board. I stay away from rails most of the time because of this, but otherwise I'm bombing down the mountain, and I'm extremely stubborn about going to the doctor.

But anyway this is crazy. I heard she was in a bad ski accident but didn't realize it was that serious.
After a couple bad falls in the park I got a helmet.
I ski, but I ride the parkprobably 40% of the time I'm on the mountain. At that, when I'm not in the park, I'm on the steeps taking up a couple thousand feet of elevation change in 10-12 minutes and those trees are scary.

One time I was on a narrow trail, caught an uncovered rock and slid into a grove of trees on a double diamond. Hit my forehead, but didn't get knocked and held onto the tree and barely avoided dropping into the well. Luckily my step brother was behind me and helped me get out of the mess and grab my yardsale. If I didn't have a helmet on, I think I could have been really really hurt.


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
i'm a far better ski'er than i am snowboarder. i just enjoy snowboarding more. it didn't used to be cool to ski, but now it's coming back around.

basically, unless you are going on hills far below your ability and just chill, you should wear a helmet.

if you are new, young, changing equipment, on a new hill or doing some crazy shit, it's common sense that you need protective gear.

people don't understand that frozen snow (ie ice) is just as hard as concrete, and is extremely sharp. even if you don't get injured, a fall to the face can rip your skin off.