NDRA/Nopi's going to Atco, NJ on August 27-28

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A new show's coming up pretty soon. Just wondering who's gonna be there. There have been some rocking good shows so far this year, and the NOPI Nationals are less than a month away!
Ironically enough, I hate NOPI shows. Some of my biggest car-deal scammers have all been NOPI people, I think (I guess you would have to know me) that the female expositions are lame and completely degrading, and the people that attend are mostly thugs.

That aside, I love the cars. Have a good time !

-> Steve

Don't worry, I hate drift events too :)
Originally posted by Celerity@Aug 18 2005, 08:52 PM
Don't worry, I hate drift events too :)
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ironically enough, you're going to one! :p
There is no such thing as a bad day at Limerock (Or Watkins Glen, think we can get there?)

IT was the fuckin idiots and pseudo-failed-frat boys that E-Town brings out that ruins it for me. I'm GR baby, share tools and root each other on !