Need 93 Hatch Si Parts

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey, I need to find a lot of parts for my car, all are oem little things here and there

-Door Handle Locks-non power, with trim around door handle
-Oh s*** bar for passenger seat
-Black Glove box that isn't broken like mine is.
-Rear trim piece for over wheel well because I got a roll bar and broke mine.
-Trunk Cover
-Hatch Struts
-If possible, a used ignition with a key to it, because mine is well broken(stolen recovery).
-Speedo Sensor
-I am also still looking into if I need a new gauge cluster(92-95 si) redline 7200.
-VTEC Solenoid for D16z6

If anyone has any of these parts for sale could you please post prices and area. I am located in Seattle, WA area.
i have an ignition with a key for $40... and a vtec solinoid for $50... and a passenger side handle but with no key hole... it was a rear off of a 4-door it will work just no key hole for $20... let me know at