Need a little guidance.

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I am working on my buddys 95 civic. It has the d15b7 in it right now which dont run. He picked up a motor the other day that he wants to put in. This is what i have been told on what it is. D16Z6 block with a 98 vtec head. Does that sound right to anyone?

Theses are the numbers that are on the head. EDDC, PO8-4 and B303180216. I am not sure how to tell what head it is cuz there is not valve cover or anything. I am going by third party sorce.

A couple other questions i have is. Will i be able to use the intake manifold off the B15 on the other motor? How about the dizzy and the ECU?

I have only done 1 motor swap so far. That was a D16Z6 into a 91 crx. So I could use all the help I can get on this.
The head you have is most likely from a d16y8. The dizzy and intake manifold from the d15 will bolt up and allow you to retain all of your obd1 wiring. The problem is, the d15 manifold has tiny runners, and is designed for economy. For the motor to perform as it should I'd pick up a z6 manifold.

The d15 ecu will also "work"; however the fuel maps are for a 1.5L engine with lower compression. It will run lean.
thanks guys for the help. i have another question. i am having trouble getting the old motor out. i think the bolt that holds on the crank pulley is catching on the inner wheel weel. it looks like the bolt sticks out really far. i have every thing unhooked but it still seams like something is catching and stoping the motor for coming out.