Need A Transmission For A 93 Honda Del Sol Si

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my transmission in my del sol is going to crap. i actually have a 4 speed 94 honda del sol si. my 3rd gear is completely shot and i need a new transmission. i prefer low miles, and a low price. it's a transmission for a d16z6, so 92-95 civic trannys will work as well. anyone who has one for sell please let me know. thanks.
Sell the auto del slo and get a 5spd del sol.

Here is a tip only hit the submit button once. I deleted the three other spammed posts you had.
i think i know this guy, his car is a five speed. i think he was just trying to be funny about the 4 speed thing, you know has a five speed but one gear is shot hahahahahahaha.......... ;) anyway just wanted to clear that up.
hey afipunk,

he was right. yeah the autos are 4 speed but i was being sarcastic. it's a five speed and 3rd gear is shot, meaning i have 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. if you count that, it's 4, unless of course you count reverse...

by the way, what's up jessed...

and jeff, sorry about hitting the button to many times, i didn't think i put a description so i didn't think anyone would know what the post was about.
he said the gearing on cx trannys is too low. only 2nd, 3rd, and the final drive are different. but my tranny will work on your car. i will include sensors and starter if needed.