Need Assurance On Head Swap

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Okay, I know the mini-me swap has been posted to death but this covers a different question. I have the stock d16a6 block with the d16y8 head and gasket going on top of it. I'll be using an MSD switch to activate the vtec.

can someone tell me what kind of compression ratio I'll have after the head swap?

also, I didn't get an FPR from a sohc vtec, is it ok to go into vtec?


the mechanic says it's cool, because he's gonna retard the timing to 14 or 15 BTDC

but i'm still curious about the compression and such.


fuel pressure has nothing to do with vtec.

it will simply blow up if it doen't have enough fuel.

as for compression, im not sure. there are more factors than that.

bore, stroke, CC of the cumbustion chamber, CC of the piston dome displacement, thickness of the headgasket, and bore of it, and piston to deck height.