need copper crush washers

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well im about to put my new brakes on but i realized my calipers didnt come with the copper crush washers. i need these things like yesterday. anyone know where i can pick some up? is there anywhere i can just get the washer? let me know asap please.
Dude, you're gonna learn what I learned last week:

Ain't NO ONE selling crush washers.

Seriously, it's fucked up. I can order them by the hundreds online, but not in my sizes. Tell me what you need, I should have it.

-> Steve

Inner and outer diameters.
i dont know what size it is, i dont have any, lol. i think they are all the same size for hondas/acuras though im gonna use type r calipers on my crx, but i have no washers, grrr
helms says the banjo bolt is 10mm so the washer is like a tad larger then that and probably like 14-15 on the outer diameter
Most stealerships have these in stock, and they're actually CHEAP. Go check :)
well i got some from advanced auto. i snatched the last 2, lol. i didnt think they carried shit like that. i think i may have to mod them a tiny bit by enlarging the hole, but i have a file and thats easy.
i always re-use the stock ones

never had stock ones leak...

had new ones leak many many times...