Need Ecu Info!

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Working Hard
I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get an ecu "bench tested" because i got an ecu from some guy on ebay and he revuses to help me because the ecu doesn't work and ebay wo't help me because i took to long to report's the story tho as to why i did take so long...

i was parting my swap togeher which i suggest no one to do ever!!!! very exspensive...anyways...i got the ecu but didn't even start my swap till about a month and a half later due to gathering other parts...when my friend finally got down to the wouldn't work...they tried it in their cars just to see if it was the wiring but it didn't work make a long story short...ebay only gives you 60 days till the auction ends and it was about a week past 60 days on my part...the guy told me he had it "bench tested" befrehe sent it to me and i want to know if i could do the same...i don't want to be out $150!!! the engine throws codes that it should throw due to some of my friend's cars (i.e. tps code ect...not any real important codes) but the cars still won't turn does anyone know where i can get this done at??? thanks