Need Help Asap

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hey everyone
i need some help here
i just got a jdm h22 from (located in canada)

this h22 is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen

has anyone ever seen something like this.... i took off the valve cover and it looks like someone melted black candles all over the fucking place

it looks like its the stock oil from the factory on a 200,000 mile motor
its not even like gum, or real thick oil

its just like straight up scum
scrape on it and it comes off in chunks
the head is completely full of this shit as well as it being stuck all over the inside of the valve cover
its between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch in thickness

if you know anything about this or about osaka please let me know asap
you can e-mail me at

thanks for any help you guys have
sorry to hear about that man, we usually talk people into not buying from those people...
there is like a 5 page post on h-t saying not to buy from them. check out the thread and maybe you can join in with some of the people that are going against them. just a though. search on h-t
you should have done research BEFORE you bought from them.
OASKA CAN DIE for all i care. I hate them. Thier motors are bunk. there service sucks.

Good luck with it- and next time ASK AROUND before you buy from anyone or any company.
where in canada are they located I might drive there and beat the piss outa them if there close
hey I live in canada and would never dream off buy shit from the places up here their more money than most places in the us
phone them up and scream
dissa seble the engine oil pan tranny all ruber hoses all elctricl and give it a bath
if you want to do it your self find a old metal tub or a kitte pool and buy 20 litters of solvent
and a couple lcheapo paint brushes and some good ruber gloves and get ready for weeks of fun
hey everyone
i was glad to see so many people respond
and sorry to see that osaka was garbage
i was talking to one guy that worked there all the time about swaps and he seemed chill
but now i see that everyone gets fucked by them

well, as it turns out osaka is about 5 hours from me
and i;m taking the complete swap back tmw to get another one
i hope they don;t plan on trying to fuck me face to face

if anyone wants to meet me there, please do come
sounds like they have a lot of angry customers
i'll post back and let you guys knpw how it went
sorry to hear that you got ripped off by them. id tell em to take that H22 and shove up their ass if i was you and demand either a refund or have them knock off on the price because you werent satisfied with their product. they should check over their product before shipping them they not know how to do QC there before they ship out?? they need to learn from what it sounds like to me....
just adding a little note to my problems
osaka saying they fired their manager is complete load of bullshit
i was trying to get my h22 since dec 1st and kept getting excuse after excuse

i talked to marc and he apparently is the fucking lying bitch that makes excuses for the shit hole company

i finally got my motor jan 9th AFTER they supposidly sp? fired the manager

my shit was so fucked up
i;ve never seen anything like it and i;ve been around cars long enough

the b18b that i pulled ou tof my integra had 225,000 (apparently very hard) miles, a broke rod and a huge fucking hole in the block
but that motor still looked better than the piece of shit they tried giving me

and when i tried to resolve the problems... well, they were more than happy to have me pay for shipping and customs to send me another long block and then ship them back the fucked up one
but they appeared to either not fucking hear me or completely igone me when i ran down the list of the problems

my fucking PSP had a hole in it, the alternator was smashed, and a piece was BROKE off the tranny, i didn;t exactly need the piece but for the fucking money i gave those assholes i deserve to get every fucking shed of metal that should be there

everyone i talked to at osaka made it sound like they were doing me a fucking favor even talking to me
telling me yea we'll fix the problem just bend over the counter, give us more money so we can FUCK you again
fucking bullshit

i feel sorry for the bastards that aren't close enough to show up at their shop with the fucked up swap and demand a new one

they tried to tell me that they didn;t have any more swaps... then changed the story to all the ones we have here are paid for already

what about my fucking swap i already paid the assholes a month ago???
so where does that put me on the line?

fuck osaka long and hard
and fuck canada for that matter
fucking canadians

now i can;t wait to get fucked trying to go across the border both ways
and i;m sure US customs is gonna try to hit me up for more customs charges

what the fuck man i just wanna build a teg... not deal with retarted fucks
all of us arn't assholes some do good bus ant dont try to fuck people for fun tell were they are located
I bet is some shit hole part of this countrey some where in the east and not the west if there in the east that explaines all of it