need help bad 90 accord

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New Member
my 1990 f22 accord idles like crap. it sounds like im runing on 3 pistons and sounds like a subaru wrx when i romp on it but dosent go anywere. it smokes like a fog screen and its a white smoke. i have a cold air intake, full spoon exzaust, no cat. i checked the fuel injectors and their fine. i havent checked the pcm, it seems like the dizzy is fine. I NEED HELP.
its deffently a head gasket a blown head gasket can cause all those problems. check your oil if it looks milkshake its deffently the head gasket.
also check vacuum if the head gasket doesnt fix it and if you are full on coolant the idling at least happens because of vacuum also iac valve maybe..but head gasket first like everyone is saying