need help finding a d16 y8 or d16 z6

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Im looking for a d16 y8 or d16 z6 very soon the longblock though... in good condition... and soon..

also i would like to know what kinda of options i have for this motor as upgrades....
i was going to do a b16 but things have changed and i cant! so just help me withthe d16 !

if this is in the wrong furom im sorry but this is just asking for help to find one... if needs to be moved thanks, and sorry
try junk yards, they are all over, look in civic si's, ex's, and del Sol si's. What obd do you need. There is a kid in the classifieds that is giving one away for free
I have a question for anybody who can answer it, I've got a 97' Acura 1.6 El and I believe it has the same engines as 96'-98' Civic Ex, which is the D16Y8 engine, is this correct? ANYBODY PLEASE.
do you need complete or just an engine, if your are just replaceing your engine save yourself some money and skip the tranny or is that blown to bits?
i have a d16z6

i think i did some thing to a valve, because i get a spark to cylinder #3 but it doesnt ignite. ;). oh well b16 should be here this week
Originally posted by crxracing77@Nov 11 2002, 09:01 AM
is 600 no shipping bad for a z6 ? complete no dist

If that's the shipped price, it's pretty good. See if you can get a distributor thrown in there though. Is that just the engine or the tranny too?
I paid 500 for my engine delivered to si-steves house complete with distributor, hacked up harness, and whatever i could grab off a few cars without them seeing.
well i have a 89 crx hf... an my motor is shot! so im gonna replace it i was gonna do a b16 but funda changed and i need something in the car this week, so this is my option! 600 shipped no trani (i dont need ill use mine) an no distributor. good idea ill have them throw one in... thanks other then that i thinks is complete..

can anyone give me a shopping list of what i need to do this.. i lost my other list...

1. distributor...- can i use the 95 civic one or does it have to be the crx ?
2. timing belt
3. water pump
4. oil, plugs, plug wires, trani fluid, oil filter, anitfreeze
5. ecu is it a p28 or somthing else...

Am i missn anything?
why not go with a JDM B16a1 or a2?
still easily built, and not that expensive...
can get engine,cables and ECU for 1600 right down the road...
listen for that price i would just get a zc motor and drop it in there for now. all you need is a teg ecu, and 2 wires to run from the dizzy to the cracnk angle sensor.