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Canuck 93 Civic Si

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Right now I have a 93 civic Si 2 dr coupe. This summer I plan to swap in a bigger engine. The origional idea was B20VTEC all motor, but i think im gonna go with an LS/T setup enstead because turbos make more power, duh :p . Anyway my question is, what is a good turbo to go with, i will be using a junkyard turbo with a wastegate, BOV, intercooler and the whole shebang. I want a setup that will spool farily quickly becasue i am also getting a little involved in autoX and that would seem to ba a plus for all the accelerating and decelerating. I dont want to run alot of boost or anything that will require me to close the deck or put in a block guard, I just want that little bit of extra pep to make competative. I just need some assistance on choosing a turbo because i am new to the FI world and have no experiance in this area. Thanks for your help, its very appreciated.

P.S. I read the post on water injection, that sounds pretty cool so i might try that as well, let me know if you think otherwise.

Thanks again
anywhere from a 14g to a straight t3 or t25 would be ideal.

read the FAQ post abotu stock turbo cars, so when youa re in the yard, you can look for cars like those.

all that said, i wouldn't go turbo for auto cross-- but hey, thats me.
One more question, what do all those numbers and letters mean? Like TD03, TB0326 and stuff like that?
a t25, small t-3 or 14b are on the small side for a b series plant. i run a t-3 super 60 or a t3/t4e. ur also going to need to make ur own or buy a b series manifold. the best junkyard intecooler out there is the conquest/starion. you could even weld 2 desm sidemounts together. use a 1g dsm bov. i use it and it works good and has a agressive sound. making your own chargepipes and downpipe is cake. just cut and weld some mandel bends. your junkyard setup will be a bit more pricey than a d series but you shouls still come in at around 1000 to 1100 dollars complete. oh and if you cant afford a t3/t4 rightt away id look for some thunderbird turbocupes. those have some of the biggest t-3s stock.
IMO the 14b or even the T25 are too small for the B series engines. Greddy uses their 18G for their b series kits, and most 3rd gen eclipse/talon owners usually upgrade their T25's to atleast 16G's which is still considerably smaller than the 18G. Just puttin in my .02
Originally posted by Canuck 93 Civic Si@Feb 27 2003, 05:30 PM
Would i be able to find the parts needed to build a T3/T4?


the biggest stock turbo you are going to find is like a t3. most are t25's or 14b/g's
I'd get an exhaust manifold setup for Mitsu 4 bolt flange and matchin DP and get a used Mitsu Big 16G or 18G. That should make killer power for a cheap price.