need help with buying '93 canada made si hb

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Im looking to buy this 93 si hb but the info I get is that it doesn't have vtec?

I thought all the 92-95 si hb were vtec?

Also, it is canada manufactured/sold and wanted to know if that matters, or if the info I have is wrong and it is vtec.

Also, if someone has a carfax account and could run the vin for me I'd appreciate it
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if you're in canada, your si is equivalent to our dx i believe. that would mean that the si has a d15b7 i think and does not have VTEC. it would be an SiR that has VTEC for you.
If it was sold new in Canada, it's not the equivalent of a USDM Si hatch. The Canadians got a slightly different trim level scheme... their Si coupe is our EX coupe, and their SiR is our Si. I guess if you can go one trim level 'below' the USDM Si, that's probably what the Canadian Si is. I don't know which trim that would be though... I assume DX.
just check the motor, look for a vtec solenoid.

check for rear disc brakes, check for sway bars, check for a clock, check for a tachometer...they're are many differences between dx's and si's and vx's/cx's.

if it has rear discs and a tach, chances are its a single cam vtec.
get this, rear disc w/tach no-vtec emblem on valve cover...


Im not really too worried about it though, I'm eyeing a 94 RS teg right now its the teg, the hatch, or a civ (94 ex coupe)

any opinions?
Some 92-95 Si's have no vtec valve covers. Mine is a 93 si vtec and have no vtec written on it. And as far as I know, all si's come with 14" rims the dx's are 13s. Also all si's as far as I know come with Sunroofs. And if u really wanna know what engine u have check it on the block on the left side above the tranny.