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I need help finding out what all do I need to swap a B16 5 SPEED into a 1998 Honda Civic EX w/ an AUTOMATIC D16y8 Motor. I have the b16 motor and trans, What else will I need? Thank You
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man i am getting tired of telling people to search :chair:
Can I keep my automatic transmission and use it for the engine instead of changing it to a manual? So basically, all I need is the ECU, Wiring Harness, & Axle's. What about Motor Mount's?


No, but you could find an automatic B series transmission and use that.

If you are going auto to manual, you need all the manual parts, pedal set, fluid lines, master cylinder. You need a custom auto to manual mount from HAspot, or one of the other on line places, unless you can weld. And you need to rewire the lock out. Search around here, there are more completet instructions, try the FAQ.