Need info on 92-95 hatchbacks i need to learn more

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ite i know it look nice to me and all, but i really need to know is, like are all the doors of these cars manual window? and are they all cassete players, and i also wanna know, would it be better if i get a 93 civic or a 99 accord?
Originally posted by VuDuDuOnU@Dec 29 2002, 11:29 PM
...and are they all cassete players,

....and i also wanna know, would it be better if i get a 93 civic or a 99 accord?

remember you are talking about 7-11 years ago, cd players were a big purchase for car companys to put in there cars. Now they are dime a dozen and basicly all cars come with them. I just bought a new radio that plays mp3's, cds, WMP (WMP sucks), and has an automatic hide-away face on it for 200ish. If they did come with cd players they are going to suck, Technology improves.

93 civic or a 99 accord. Not only do you have to worry about making the accord go fast (hard to do) but the major diffrance in these two cars are the accord is going to cost you a shit load of money. Go with civic. (If you want more info about the diffrant hb's read the faq's or articles (one of them has info about them)
Originally posted by VuDuDuOnU@Jan 1 2003, 03:14 AM
do they all have manual windows? if they do you can change them rite?

It depends on the model, just as he said....

The Si came with the power window option for a few years.

Yes you can put in power windows but you should know what you're doing or have the cash to pay someone to do it.


Guy,there is an American flag on the frickin moon,of course you can convert manual to power windows.There are kits to do just about anything to a car,the limits being money,time,imagination.
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