need info on swap for 96 civic dx coupe

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whut up....need info on the cheapest swap for my car (96 dx civic) and if your in the VA area where can i get it done at for cheap?? im strapped for cash as it is because i wrecked my car. i keep hearing B16 B16 B16.....i just want an all motor/wanting turbo later daily driver motor to drop in for next to nothing but i want someone at a " gay-rahj" to do it so if they screw up its on them not me. post ANY info ANYONE has in regards to this. oh yeah no " i read import tuner so that makes me knowledgeable" posts either!! :whatafucktard:
I was reading in import tuner,that if you need info,use the search or goto the top of the page and look in swap.
nuttin wrong with reading tuner.......i dont want to here someone that gets there experience form tuner pages....... and ive read the swap artical for my gen about 6 doesnt tell me where to find the cheapest swap ( but it does state the easiest) at in my area or any area for that matter. anyone got a post of a website for ordering swap kits or has any HELPFULL info at all please post. :worthy: apreciate the help
Do a search,you will find a lot of places