Need motor for 96 Toyota Avalon

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So, I just picked up a 96 Toyota Avalon that I believe has a spun bearing. It had knocking noise on first startup and oil light keeps coming on after a couple minutes of driving even though there's oil in there(sometimes it'll flicker); which I assume is oil pressure issue.

Anyways, I want to just replace the engine instead of tearing into it. I am having trouble sourcing another Avalon engine(has the 3l V6), so does anyone know what other motors will drop it just fine?
I'm looking for another V6 that would drop in. A 2JZ would require more than just oil grease; the Avalon is FWD.
Sleepy ftl.

Shit, that's way much more than I want to spend. If that's the median price of the longblocks, I'll probably just part the car out.