need obd2 parts

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i just got dont puttin a ls swap in a 96 ex and i am still short a ecu for obd2 and a distributor to fit the acura motor wit obd2 plugs it is running on the stock ecu and a soch distrubtor but holding it in by hand so if any one going sometin out there i am in need on one asap if not i am going ot the junk yard tonight and gettin one after hours :D plz help asap
I have a OBD2 P75 ecu I just took it out of my LS cuz I wanted to go Hondata so I got an OBD1 ecu. PM me if you are interested I am in Cali. I have many people here that will vouch for me by the way. Hit me up my name is Jonathan. I will check on the distributor when I get home.